Thursday, January 29, 2009

LTTE Propaganda at Boston Globe Exposed

An open letter from Robert Brown from London,UK to Editor of Boston Globe

Dear Editor of Boston Globe,

You have accidentally published a false story titled "Sri Lanka allegedly kills 30 civilians" on January 23, 2009. This letter intends to show why this story is false and how the LTTE terror group is involved in killing civilians.

There is evidence to show that this is a false report fed to the Boston Globe at by Tamil Terrorists. First of all, there are no hard facts to support this. Plus the LTTE has killed so many civilians for the past 25 years with the help of foreign nations such as UK, Canada and India. How would these so called "health officials" know who really caused this since they were not there to witness it and why would you believe them? The Sri Lankan military has conducted a professional and impressive liberation of terror-held areas. BRAVO to these brave men and women. They know better not to fire at civilians especially in the safe zone. Therefore ask yourself "who would gain from this"? Here's a hint: the Tamil Tiger Terrorists.

Here is the plan that seems to have worked well: Once the LTTE Terrorists kills civilians in the safe zone, they get their supporters to feed the media of false information blaming the Sri Lankan military. Then the media such as the takes that and spreads it across the world. The propaganda outlets for the LTTE such as TamilCanadian and TamilNet promote them to other media outlets such as the CTV - Canada and The LTTE terror lobbies around the world get great mileage out of falsely claiming that Sri Lanka killed civilians. This is a perfect example where the criminal accuse the jury of the crime. Can you think of a better plan?

As you might be aware, there is a front organization of the LTTE called Tamil Sangam operating out of Boston that is paying US lawmakers to lobby on its behalf. We hope that Boston Globe is not trying to cater to these Tamil extremists by publishing LTTE propaganda.

* Google "LTTE influencing US lawmakers" for more info on how the LTTE Terrorists are influencing US lawmakers and presidential campaigns *

* Google "tiger terrorists sangam US lawmakers" to learn about this serious threat to our freedoms *

Dear Editor of Boston Globe, you are not the only one mislead by the LTTE terror group. Allow me to provide a few examples. The LTTE Terrorists are making the politicians in Tamil Nadu-India, Canada, UK and Australia "cry wolf" just to stop the liberation of LTTE/terror-held areas. This is nothing but another stunt by LTTE Terrorists to turn the tables in their favor and has nothing to do with civilian deaths. If Tamil Nadu and India were really concerned about civilians, why not stop arms smuggling to and supporting the LTTE that has killed so many civilians? Why not move to eliminate the LTTE Terrorists, for the sake of civilians? What about concern for the innocent civilians killed by LTTE suicide bombings? What about concern for so many children recruited as soldiers to fight a brutal terror war against a democracy? We don't ever here politicians in India or Tamil Nadu, Canada, US, Norway, UK and Australia alarmed by those atrocities. Hope you see
the crocodile tears here.

Recently the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was pressed to help the LTTE by their lobby in London. As you know, the most ruthless terror group operates a successful operation in UK recruiting many British politicians. Google "British MP LTTE" or "British MP Tamil Terrorist" for some great articles on the Web. It seems like this terror group is making the British Prime Minister talk 'ceasefire' to get a break from its humiliating defeats and allow it to recruit more children, rearm and return with more terror attacks on civilians.

Even Amnesty International of London and Human Rights Watch of New York got on the bandwagon of making false statements against Sri Lanka when prodded by the LTTE Terrorists. The same terror group murdered countless number of civilians and committed world-wide fraud for many years while been backed by such human rights orgs. Should we ask: how did this ever happen? The LTTE Terrorists have been trying everything to stop their loosing streak. Having failed with the rights groups, the LTTE is now using is immense lobby in Europe specifically in the UK to get British politicians to help them. How can we get you to report on this?

This brings us to a greater question: why is the media so prone to LTTE-driven false propaganda? Since there was no first-hand verification of the facts by the Boston Globe on the ground, how can they even print this? I would like to point out here: just because there is free speech, it does not give anyone the right to spread false information on behalf of a terrorist organization thus misleading the public. The press is not an exception to that. In fact the press should be extra-sensitive to that for the sake of professional integrity and given the history of LTTE manipulating media outlets such as the BBC, Associated Press, AFP, NY Times and Times Online UK. Therefore we ask the editor of the Boston Globe at to withdraw this article immediately and issue an apology to the world.


Robert Brown
London, UK