Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An LTTE hideout rife with illegal activities seized in Mullaitivu

The Security Forces have captured a tiger hideout rife with illegal activities located within the LTTE high security zone in Mullaitivu. Troops of the 59th Division advancing in the battlefront achieved this success after heavy fighting with the terrorists.

High security zone is located close to the air strip captured by the troops in Mullativu. The tigers had been engaged in many illegal activities in the area situated within the thick jungles, West of Mullaitivu. The 15th Infantry Regiment seized the location after heavy fighting raged with the terrorists. The LTTE had fled unable to confront the attacks. There are four large buildings within this zone. One building is 50 metres long and 70 metres wide. In addition there were many temporary buildings. However, the terrorists had removed them. There is evidence that the LTTE had used aid granted to the civilians who were impacted by the tsunami. There were also secret vehicle parking sites. The Army said many LTTE leaders may have frequented the place. There was also a road network to access the area. Meanwhile, the 15th Infantry troops captured a major tiger training camp in the location.