Thursday, January 29, 2009

Indian Foreign Minister's meeting with the Sri Lankan President

India optimistic Northern civilians can lead normal lives

India’s External Affairs Minister and Acting Government Chief Pranab Mukherjee has told President Rajapaksa that the civilians of the North will be able to lead normal lives after the victories in the humanitarian operations.

Mr. Mukherjee and the President during their talks last night broached the friendly ties and Sri Lanka’s development efforts. Mr. Mukherjee expressed India’s readiness to contribute to the reconstruction of the North and lay the economic and political foundations of sustainable peace for all communities to feel comfortable. India will work together with Sri Lanka on a reconstruction plan for these areas which involves infrastructure development and other support. President Rajapaksa expressed the hope for future development in Sri Lanka. He stressed that the present military victories offer a political opportunity to restore life to normalcy in the North and throughout Sri Lanka. He assured the Indian Minister of his intent on both countries working together to enable Sri Lankans and particularly the Tamil polity in the North, to begin leading normal lives soon.

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Indian Foreign Minister clarifies his talks with the President

Indian External Affairs Minister and Acting State Chief Pranab Mukherjee has clarified to the media about the talks he had with President Rajapaksa.

He said both countries are of the same stand with regard to countering terrorism. Their attention has been drawn to civilians who are undergoing hardships from the terrorists. Due attention should be given to their security and welfare. India is satisfied with the programme mooted by the Government with regard to Tamil civilians. He said they discussed development in the North and East. The Indian Minister said both countries agreed to work together on the future development programmes.

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