Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do NOT Attempt to Give Another Lease of Life to Terrorist/Racist LTTE

For the attention of :
His Excellency the President of France
Rt Hon Gorden Brown -Prime Minister of the UK
The Hon Secretary-Foreign Affairs-UK

Your Excellencies,

We wish to refer to the Rt Hon Gordon Brown's recent remarks regarding Sri Lankan Government's and people's determination to defeat the LTTE. The LTTE had been a major obstacle to peace in Sri Lanka affecting its development plans etc.

The British in 19th century and early 20th century are responsible for creating a privileged Tamil class as per divide and rule English policy and even after the Independence the privileged Tamil 'class' had been agitating for "autonomy" for some areas in the Island against all historical or demographical factors. Some Tamil groups like the LTTE was fighting to carve a separate state from Sri Lankan territory. Unfortunately, LTTE received funding from their fronts in countries like the UK, France to purchase military equipment which were used to kill tens of thousands of Sri Lankans. The LTTE's international head office was in London and their leaders including late Anton Balasingham lived in London. In short, with or without the knowledge of the British PM and others, the LTTE received UK funding and propaganda to kill Sri Lankan civilians. When the UK and the other European nations encouraged the armed LTTE, some countries like China, Pakistan, Iran etc helped Sri Lanka to fight the LTTE.

Today , the Sri Lankan people have proved that the LTTE can be beaten and they are restricted to an area of 40 Sq miles. In this area 90% of the people are LTTE hard core fighters and the statements made in the British parliament that innocent civilians are affected is far from the truth. Genuine democratic nations should be happy that Sri Lanka has driven away the world's most brutal terrorist organizations so that the Sinhalese, Tamils .Muslins and others living in the liberated areas in Sri Lanka can have a democratic option rather than living under a terrorist outfit.

We trust the UK will evolve a new policy towards Sri Lanka rather than acting as a center for destabilization for Sri Lanka. It is unfortunate to mention that for last 25 years the UK has covertly or overtly helped the LTTE and their fronts to cause immeasurable damage to Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan people.

We request that the British Government to stop the immoral attempt to help the LTTE again while being a active Nation in the fight against international terrorism .

Ranjith Soysa
Spokesperson - SPUR


British premier wants ceasefire in Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 14 January 2009, 20:24 GMT]

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, while responding to a question by Keith Vaz MP about the plight of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka and the killing of Sunday Leader editor, said Britain’s Parliament Wednesday that there is a need for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka and that he would be raising the matter with French President Nikolas Sakorzy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Mr. Brown was speaking during the first Prime Minister’s Questions of 2009.

“Hundreds of thousand of innocent Tamil civilians are currently under siege in Sri Lanka because of aerial bombardment by the Sri Lankan government,” Mr. Vaz told Parliament. “Last Sunday (sic) the editor of a leading newspaper was assassinated. He said in an [editorial] written before he was killed that this was due to the forces of the government,”

“Will the Prime Minister please use his good offices, either unilaterally or through the European Union, to call for a ceasefire, so that all those involved in this conflict stop their violence, so that peace can return to this beautiful island?”

Premier Brown responded: “I agree with [Mr. Vaz] about the terrible violence happening there, I also agree with him about the need for a ceasefire, I will be talking to President Sakorzy and Chancellor Merkal and this will be one of the issues I shall be raising with them.”