Saturday, January 31, 2009

Concerns of 'Piece' Mongers

By S. Akurugoda

The war is coming to an end and the LTTE's surrogates and indirect proxies, foreign funded NGOs have been shown by our advancing troops to have substantially helped the LTTE. Although the public is not fully aware of the contents of the "Interim Report of the Select Committee of Parliament for Investigation of the Operations of Non Governmental Organisations (NGO)" and their Impact, we have read a press release issued by one such NGO the National Peace Council (NPC) that appeared in the Sri Lankan Guardian dated 23 December 2008.

It quotes from the relevant sections referring to the NPC: "It too is an NGO operating to propagate federalism. An organiser of the National Peace Council had once attended a protest in Geneva and also had made a speech in a rally held later which ended with the singing of the song of emancipation of the LTTE. This organisation, which questions the need for sovereignty, has mentioned about a sovereignty divided into two and of two very close countries. The National Peace Council had engaged in a movement to brainwash the people of Sri Lanka which is very similar to the activities of the Berghof Foundation. They had acted very enthusiastically about federalism." The English language in this quotation is clumsy as evidently the original NGO Report would have been in Sinhala and then translated.

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