Thursday, January 29, 2009

Associated Press kills story about civilians deaths after realizing they were subjected to a hoax

The Associated Press in a notice sent to all its client publications requested to kill the Sri Lanka war story that said 300 civilians have been killed and 1000 other civilians have been injured after realizing that they have been subjected to a hoax.

In the notice the Associated Press said, "Kill the Sri Lanka-Civil War story, V5414. The source denies he wrote the letter that said more than 300 civilians had been killed and 1,000 wounded in fighting in northern Sri Lanka."

Dr. Varatharaja, the Regional Director of Health Services (RDGS) Mullaitivu, who is purported to be the originator of this "appeal" has denied any association with it, and states its contents are false and exaggerated; that it has not originated from him or his office, and that he does not agree with its contents, and that this "appeal" circulated in order to embarrass him.

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