Monday, December 29, 2008

Freedom Alliance and JNP ink historic agreement

The Freedom Alliance (UPFA) and the Jathika Nidahas Peramuna (JNP) have signed a historic MOU directing the country towards a victorious path defeating separatist tiger terrorism as well as conspiracies of treacherous forces on Sunday the 28th.

The historic MOU was inked by Freedom Alliance General Secretary and Minister Susil Premajayanth and Secretary of the Jathika Nidahas Peramuna and Parliamentarian Nandana Gunatillake. The JNP is a partner of the JVP which extended support to the President in 2005 during the Presidential election. Minister Susil Premajayanth said the signing of the agreement is a historic chapter in further consolidating the support extended by them to the President and the Freedom Alliance.

Minister Maithripala Sirisena said conspiracies are in place at this decisive juncture to reverse the victories of the Government. As such, the Government will get further strength to defeat such conspiracies through this support. He said they wish to pay tribute to the Jathika Nidahas Peramuna on behalf of the constituent parties of the Freedom Alliance for reaching such an agreement. He urged further dedication to march forward overcoming all obstacles.

Wimal Weerawansa said 2009 is to be declared as a year of military victories. Therefore, they had to strengthen the programme mooted by the President to eliminate terrorism defeating all conspiracies. It is their party which is satisfied over the MOU reached with the Freedom Alliance as a partner of a political force which took political decisions to direct the country towards the correct path and continue the journey overcoming all obstacles.

Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that the agreement is another chapter in their effort to further bolster the security of the country and ensure its existence.
Parliamentarian Nandana Gunatillake pointed out that this was neither an election agreement nor an agreement which enables them to enjoy privileges from the Government. He also said it was not an agreement seeking ministerial portfolios, but an MOU for the betterment of the country.