Monday, March 3, 2008

Video: British credit card frauds increase to fund LTTE terrorism

British credit card frauds in which numbers of such cards have been skimmed, cloned and misused to steal money all over the world have increased alarmingly as means to fund terrorism charged a United Kingdom parliamentarian and Police.

Andrew Selous, a Conservative Party MP told the House of Commons recently that "it has been suggested to me that some of the money may have found its way to the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka" possibly to fund terrorism. Mr. Selous said, "My wife had 1000 Pounds stolen in four or five withdrawals from cash points in New York in early January (2008)" While the British Member of Parliament said that withdrawals of money from such cards have spread to many countries of the world the Toronto Police in Canada confirming the point said that two Londoners who are found to be members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) with two other Canadian accomplices have been arrested with thousands of skimmed British credit card numbers after their arrival in Canada and while travelling close to the Toronto International Airport. The two Londoners arrested during early February were Kirubakaran Selvanayagam Pillai (38) and Sethukavalar Saravanabhavan (35).