Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Life is precious" - Government appeals to suicide bombers

A series of unusual posters have appeared in some of Colombo`s localities. Predominantly seen in Wellawatte and Kotahena, the posters call on the sensibilities of possible suicide bombers.

Questioning the rationale of dying for a cause that itself is on the brink of collapse, the posters remind its audience that LTTE`s terror leader Prabhakaran is facing an imminent loss. Posing the question why do you want to destroy your life? whilst reiterating that the need to die is not a necessity but the right to live is a requisite for any human being, the posters appeal to the psyche of suicide cadres who are contemplating their life and their death.

A campaign initiated by the Government, it calls upon suicide cadres to see the futility of their lives and questions the sensibility in sacrificing their valuable lives for a cause and a leader who have no future. The posters end with the message we are welcoming you with open arms, get rid of that weight on your chest, call this number and we will assure your safety and confidentiality.