Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"International pressure on LTTE required" - V. Anandasangaree

The Leader of Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), V. Anandasangaree stressed the necessity of international pressure to prevent LTTE targeting innocent civilians in pursuit of their unrealistic dream. He said that India should play a major role in this regard.

In a Press Statement to the Press Trust of India the TULF chief said, "the time has now come for India to step in and tell the LTTE to keephands off civilians".

"The LTTE's only hope now is to unleash fresh violence for which the Sinhalese are not prepared," he said in the statement form London.

"I condemn every killing; I believe that no one has any right to take the life of another," he said.

"It (the killing) will not take them (LTTE) anywhere. Instead they lose their credibility day by day. It is high time that the international community warns the LTTE to refrain from causing the deaths of innocent civilians," he said.

Expressing his dissatisfaction over the role played by the Tamil media particularly, the TULF leader said that Tamil media in Sri Lanka is not categorically blaming the LTTE for the killings of civilians in the country.

"I reiterate that the Tamil media, both print and electronic, should bear part of the blame. Their failure to condemn these killings in one voice, gives some encouragement to the LTTE terrorists."

Given that they have a good network of reporters, they can easily assist the authorities to detect the real culprits.

Without doing their duty they find fault with others," he observed.