Friday, March 21, 2008

False propaganda regarding re-deployment of Special Task Force from the Eastern Province

The Government rejects the reports in the printed and electronic media referring to the 'total' re- deployment of the Special Task Force(STF) today (21) from the Eastern province as being totally incorrect. Re- deployment of Forces on considerations of Troop levels, requirements, exigencies of the service and ground realities are considered routine for the Police and such matters should not be reported by the media in a manner at this critical juncture and time which could be an advantage to the enemy .

Meanwhile, some media reports of 21st March indicate that the re- deployment of the STF has been made at the instigation of the TMVP in the Batticaloa District . The Government reiterates that the STF was re - deployed to strengthen the TMVP which predominates the Batticalao District and as the Government rejects such media report as a total fabrication and distortion of facts.

Ground realities with reference the strengths available and required in relation to the task of providing the security expected and other matters are some considerations that have resulted in the re-deployment of the STF. The Government whilst reminding that the entire STF has not been re- deployed , calls on the media to correct the false interpretations in the printed and electronic media of today (21).