Friday, March 14, 2008

Conspiracies Against President Rajapakse & Family

“Throw Away the Serpents in The Sack” - It is Time to Be Cautious

There are many reports in the news media these days about LTTE attempts to harm President Rajapakse, First Lady and family utilizing different contacts working closely with President Rajapakse or his family. “There is no smoke without fire” and it might just be prudent, to take heed and be cautious for the sake of the entire nation and the patriotic/ national interests of this country. Enemy forces both within our country and overseas who are working hand in glove with the terrorists will make every attempt to destabilize the country by making attempts on the lives of President Rajapakse and his family for their mutual benefit.

A few headlines that have hit the print media during the past month read as:

  • “The LTTE Bomb Attack That Silenced The Catholic Bishops Conference”(Sunday Divaina-7-2-2008),
  • “Suspects in Custody for Smuggling Suicide Kits to South”(Daily Mirror-23-2-2008),
  • “An Attempt By LTTE to Kidnap First Lady Has Been Exposed”(SundaySinhala Lakbima-24-2-2008),
  • “The Plans of LTTE Terrorists To Assassinate President Rajapakse and Family”(Sunday Sinhala Lakbima-24-2-2008),
  • “Tiger Plans to Abduct First Lady Bared”(SundayEnglish Lakbima-24-2-2008),
  • “Cop Turned LTTE Agent Planned to Assassinate President Rajapakse”(The Island-5-3-2008),
  • “Prostitution LTTE Ploy; They Almost Killed The President”(SundayEnglish Lakbima-9-3-2008),
  • “A Massive Network of LTTE Plans Exposed By A Prostitute- the suicide bomber Nadarajah who committed suicide at Modera is one link”(Sunday Sinhala Lakbima-9-3-2008),
  • “A Police Inspector and LTTE Suicide Bomber on The President’s Travel Pathway”(Sunday Rivira-9-3-2008),
  • “Security Plans for President Rajapakse Has Immediate Changes-A Police Officer Handling Road Security Leaks Information to LTTE”(Sunday Sinhala Lakbima-9-3-2008),
  • “A Coordinated Plan By NGOs and Foreign Intelligence Agencies to Character Assassinate Leaders Representing National Interests”(Sunday Divaina-9-3-2008)
No doubt, the elimination of LTTE terrorism from this country will drastically reduce the power of The Catholic Church in the Northern region which ofcourse, they will never want. It is now no secret at all, regarding the involvement of Christian Churches within the LTTE movement.

To remind readers again, it is important to remember how The Catholic Church and Archbishop Oswild Gomis together with Dr Lalith Kothelawela of “SOLO-U” fame together put paid notices in all newspapers( in all three languages) with their “Christians Awake!” warned Christians against voting for Mahinda Rajapakse at the 2005 Presidential Elections. All Catholic Churches from Wattala to Negombo distributed warning pamphlets after the Sunday Mass immediately before the elections against voting for Mahinda Rajapakse. This cannot be taken lightly at all. This sentiment has not died down merely because he overcame the odds and became President of Sri Lanka. We have seen all these individuals meeting The President in an attempt to erase the image they created with their treacherous plans. Hand shakes, smiles on the news media are all ploys to cover up! The President must take heed. It is not so long ago that Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thero was murdered by similar conspirators but all investigations were diluted with money, to hide the truth to this day- that is the power of the Christian Church in this country.

When the attempt to defeat Mahinda Rajapakse at The Elections did not succeed, immediately these people changed their ploys. Now we see Ceylinco and Drs Lalith and Sicille Kothelawela photographed together with The President and First Lady and even their son Namal Rajapakse who heads the “Tharunyate Hetak” Programme. These are extremely dangerous and it would be well for the President and his family to distance themselves from such enemies of the nation. It is well known that only a “Katussa”(Chameleon) changes colours to camouflage and play safe- and these are the Katussas, working for their own benefit and not that of the country. To be seen in photographs together is only to erase the negative image they have created for themselves. We must not forget, that it is this Mr. Kothelawela who gave a press conference in Middle East in which he justified the LTTE movement by saying that they were justified to demand for a Tamil Homeland! True to the Chameleonic nature, these individuals must never be trusted. There is also no secret about the fact that they are also working hand-in-glove with The Catholic Church to destabilize the government efforts to eliminate terrorism.

The President, First Lady and their sons must distance themselves from and boycott all activities in which such Chameleons participate for their own security. Let no one be in a position to point a finger at The First Lady to say that she was party to the crime.

When it is becoming more and more evident that our Armed Forces are forging ahead with their coordinated strategies to overcome the LTTE terrorists, all “Chameleonic enemies” will band together which includes NGOs, INGOs, Donor Organisations, unpatriotic forces within the UNP opposition, Christian Churches, Congress of Religions( another ploy to hoodwink Buddhist Monks with the “Inter-religious Amity” slogan), western governments sympathizing with the terrorists who are attempting “ to throttle the GOSL “with their various nefarious sanctions and even UN organizations which have been exposed without doubt, to spell doom to Sri Lanka. If the war is over- no more arms sales and no more income, if the war is over- no more employment opportunities for INGOs & NGOs and their luxurious lifestyles in Sri Lanka, if the war is over- their hold on crucial administrative functions within this country will all have to be abandoned- the best way to do it, is to eliminate President Rajapakse and his government so that they can come forward again and raise their heads as “Saviours of The Nation” with their programmes!

There is no doubt, that millions of dollars and rupees are being thrown all round, for the success of the enemy forces and we must also never forget, that even in 1962 there was an attempted coup against the then government of Mrs.Bandaranaike in which the hand of the Catholic Church was exposed. Let us learn from past experiences and the current attempts and take steps to play safe.

Protecting our national interests and our sovereignty is not a crime- but working hand-in-glove with the enemies of a nation is certainly and definitely a heinous crime where the entire nation suffers due to vested interests.

(Edited version of article by Darmitha-Kotte)


  1. I disagree. Baseless allegatioins to tarnish the good name of the great sons and daughters of the mother Lanka.

  2. The writer has a very little or no knowlesge abut the current politics and state affairs. I too disagree with his entire artcle.

  3. Oh ! How !! Little knowledge is dangerous..!!!.writer must be an alien, just to tarnish & create misunderstandings among religions!I disagree.

  4. I agree with Damitha.

    Those people are not great sons or daughters. They are traitors. once embraced, or converted to other religion, they act like mad dogs to spread the new religion. They are really dangerous and will betray our motherland. We need more writers like Damitha to educate the masses.


  5. LTTE and Christians are comfortable bedfellows . When did the church call for the elimination of terrorists ? how many Christians priests were caught transporting suicide belts ? how did the church react ? they are rot of the world. we need more articles like these .