Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who does tell the truth? Who does want to know the truth?

Mano Ganeshen & France 24

“Tamil civilians locked in endless war”* was the current topic of the France 24, the concurrent channel of the CNN, stationed in France. On 21.02.2008, this channel telecast a TV documentary to highlight the present situation of the Tamils who are supposed to have disappeared, arrested, and evicted.

Being a Sinhalese should not be a valid reason for me to have repulsive feelings on the contents of the film. I may be wrong with my inferences in this regard. From humanistic point of view, I am a pacifist and I do wish an end to ongoing war in Sri Lanka. It is the dire wish of everybody living in Sri Lanka except for the Tamil Tiger terrorists and their unseen masters.

There are so many questions left behind unanswered. It seems, the GoSL lacks appropriate counter measures to deal with the Tamil propaganda. I am saying it so, because the Tamil politician Mano Ganeshen openly speaks in this documentary on behalf of Tamils. If he represents the LTTE, then our responses must have another orientation. Unfortunately, this terrorist group consists of Tamils and Mano Ganeshen like. It does not say that he is a terrorist but his words are inflammatory and strengthen the terrorists cause.

An objective analysis of what Mano Ganeshen utters in this short documentary could shed more light to the issue. His conduct resembles to a camel in the desert, which tries to hide its head against sandstorms but whole body including the naked back is exposed.

Let us study a few frames from this film. He is living in luxury, who champions the so-called Tamil cause. His security (Sinhalese and Tamil) is from the Sri Lankan government and the salaries are paid by the GoSL (76% Sinhalese) taxpayers. He starts blaming the GoSL and authorities for having arrested the Tamils in Colombo. He himself knows very well that every country has law enforcement institutions and it is the duty of the government to protect civil life whatever the ethnic identity is. Without this protection from the government, he would have been killed by the LTTE as they did it to his close associate, a member of parliament T. Maheswaren recently.

Behind the iron gates and close doors, he pretends to be insecure and fears the authorities and the local community. Ironically, he lives in Colombo amid Sinhalese. He showed his pistol to the interviewer and said it is to protect his life. His conscience knows, he hardly can survive outside Colombo without the protection provided by the government. Unfortunately, he did not use a single word to thank the GoSL for the facilities given to him and for having dispatched the Tamil lodgers to the destination unharmed. It is beyond his grasp what the National Socialists in Germany did to Jews by sending them to another “destination”.

In this documentary, at the interviewer’s request for an explanation of the prevailing situation Mano Ganeshen furiously utters, “You are arrested because you are a Tamil”. Here the question arises, why he is not being arrested inspite of him being Tamil. As he himself admits the existence of the Prevention of terrorism Act that empowers the authorities to arrest and interrogate any suspected person irrespective of the nationality. He did not mention what the LTTE does, mass elimination of innocent Sinhalese and Muslim villages. On several occasions, many hundreds of Sinhalese and Muslims were hacked to death

He further explained that Tamil lodgers in Colombo were herded even at midnight and dispatched to their home territories. He conveniently ignores to describe the LTTE midnight attacks eliminating innocent villages.
He emphatically repeated ethnic cleansing in his speech to let down the Sinhalese, who never did any harm to him. It is not a secret, who is responsible for this ethnic cleansing.

Ultimately, he can fool the foreigners including the France 24 Channel and its viewers but not everyone all the time.

By Dr. Edward Perera, Germany, 26.02.2008
In reply to: Helping Tamil civilians locked in endless war


  1. This article doesn't carry truth.
    " Without this protection from the government, he would have been killed by the LTTE as they did it to his close associate, a member of parliament T. Maheswaren recently." - Is it true? - All knows who kill late MP T Maheswaran. Writer has to live in Srilanka know the real situation.

    Both LTTE and current SL government are ruthless terrorists. They don't mind anything other than their power and money.

    Writer seems just wake up from Sleep, after 1956...

  2. Dear Dr Perera,
    Your comments is avery good comemnt to help Rajapakse to amass more.You and me buing sinhalses is not going help. Think freedonm of speech any oen cant talk anything what matters is doing as is reflected in our sinhala bana only talk no action so don't be part of it do some thing tangible writing an article from germany is not going help get those real leaders out and get them to shwo what we sri lankan can achive we were a smart nation but now we the killer nation. Don't blame anyone help to turn it around keep you conviction in the right place

  3. Hello Dr.Perera,

    You should not jump to conclusions drawn on ethnicity. Mano Ganeshan's security was withdrawn by GOSL along with Rauff Hakeem's.

    It is the Supreme court that ordered the GOSL to reinstate ADEQUATE security for Mano Ganeshan. Mano is a representative of the people elected to parliament. Do not take him for a Rasthyadukaraya like Mervin Silva.

    Mano deserves every right to spend the money belonging to GOSL. Ask Mahinda he will show you many other ways and how to plunder the public purse.

    Give him the due credit!!


  4. Dear Writer,

    I presume that you are living most of your life in abroad. It is not mano Ganesan the only person talks. He's is the only person alive to talk. To talk the truth in SL you need Fist Power & Money power otherwise you would be a dead man within seconds. There are hundreds of people put to silent by life threat. Eihter by politicians or the armed foces. Whether you are a supporter of LTTE or not but if you are a tamilian you can easily be Labelled as Terroist as per the emergency law and PTA. Anyone with with the naked eyes can see the changes in SL. Even tamil ministers are left to keep their mouth shut. Whenever they talk the Govt. pull their security to "0" then expose their life to danger.
    It is time the time the Govt change their policy the remove the lable "Tamils" as "terrorists".


  5. The author started very well, but does't make sense. On one hand he is saying Mano supports LTTE, then says Mano will be killed by LTTE? Forget about the truth, but where is the common sense?

  6. Your article is utterly nonsense. You have no knowledge of Tamil cause. You should learn how to write English first.

  7. Anonymous at 4:51 on 27.02.08,
    Many thanks my dear Anonymous for your valuable comments. No teacher can be blamed for having taught me wrong English as I learnt it on my own, thanks for self-confidence.
    Don't break your head to teach me English but teach Sinhalese to the Tamils who seek jobs in south. Then, they will work for the GoSL but not for the Tamil Terrorists. It will ease the situation to some extent.
    Take care!
    The Author