Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Videos: Recent killings of innocent civilians by Tamil Tigers (LTTE)

LTTE Claymore Bomb in Ethawatunwewa, Welioya; 13 Civilians Killed, 16 Injured (04-FEB-2008)

LTTE terrorists have carried out a cowardly claymore blast targeting a civilian bus at Ethawatunuwewa around 3.50, this evening. According to the defence sources in the area, the terrorists have targeted a state owned public transport bus that was plying from Anudradhapura to Janakapura at a location close to "Kobbakaduwa Junction".

13 civilians have been killed and 16 others including children injured in the explosion. According to the hospital sources the victims have been initially taken to Padaviya hospital. Six out of them, including two children have been transferred to the Anuradhapura Hospital. Two among the dead are women, the sources added. (more)

7 Baseball players & coach, including ethic Tamil student, from Colombo school among 10 school children killed by LTTE at Fort Railway station (03-FEB-2008)

A female LTTE suicide bomber exploded herself last afternoon targeting innocent civilians at the Fort Railway station, Colombo. Among the dead are nine schoolchildren. Seven of them were the members of the school baseball team of D.S. Senanayake College, Colombo while the other two were schoolgirls. The coacher of the baseball team was also killed in the carnage. (more)

LTTE suicide bomber kills 11 Civilians at Colombo Fort Railway Station (03-FEB-2008)

LTTE terrorists carried out cowardly bomb blast targeting innocent civilians at the Fort Railway station this afternoon (February 3). Eleven people have been killed and 103 others suffered injuries as a suspected LTTE suicide bomber blew herself up on the third platform of the railway station around 2.10 p.m, said the defence sources.

According to the sources in the Colombo National Hospital, eight bodies are lying at the hospital and 95 are presently under going treatment at the hospital. 10 of the injured are in critical conditions while four of them have been already taken to the theatre for immediate surgeries, the sources added. (more)

LTTE Bomb Blast at Dambulla public Bus stand; 20 Killed, 70 Injured (02-FEB-2008)

LTTE terrorists exploded a bomb in side a public transportation bus targeting civilians in Dambulla this morning (February 2), defence sources said. According to available information, the blast was occurred in a privately owned bus traveling from Kandy to Anuradhapura around 7 a.m.

So far , 18 people have been killed including 16 females and over 80 others suffered injuries due to the explosion, the sources say.

The explosion took place as the bus came to the Dambulla Central bus stand which left from Kandy, the sources added. Among the dead and wounded many are Buddhist devotees on a pilgrimage to the sacred Anuradhapura City, Dambulla Police said. (more)

Mannar Bomb killed Tamil children Forcibly Taken to LTTE Baby Brigade (29-JAN-2008)

Periyamadu, Mannar LTTE attack kill innocent Tamil children forcibly taken to LTTE baby Brigade. The LTTE blame Sri Lankan forces for this inhuman brutal act. LTTE target and detonate bombs at public transport carrying civilians. Their main aim is to create chaos among civilians and start a riot similar to 1983 to gain international reputation and support in their loosing battle in North says military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara.

LTTE Terrorists kill 27 Civilians in Bus & Slaughter 6 Farmers in Southern Sri Lanka - Monaragala (16-JAN-2008)

LTTE terrorists ambushed a bus carrying about 80 innocent civilians at Helagama on the Buttala- Monaragala road around 7.40a.m. (January 16). The bus that was carrying large number of schoolchildren, office workers and poor peasants was first attacked with a powerful claymore blast and then fired up on by the terrorists.

One survivor told that the terrorists remorselessly shot at the people who were jumping out of the bus following the blast. Many women survived the bomb blast became easy targets of the terror gunmen, he added. (more)

LTTE terrorists killed civilians even when there was Ceasefire

JVP Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa points out that statements made by certain elements that LTTE terrorist violence increased due to the abrogation of the ceasefire, are baseless.

In a special statement to the House today,(05/02/2008) he said the terrorists targeted attacks on civilians not after the abrogation of the ceasefire agreement. The tigers detonated a bomb in the Nugegoda town before this treacherous agreement was abrogated. The tigers blasted buses at Kebittigollawa and massacred innocent civilians when the ceasefire was in operation. It is clear that this agreement signed on 22nd February 2002 did not hinder the ruthlessness of the tigers. He queried as to why the tigers were killing the civilians with women suicide bombers. The tigers were used only for VIP targets. He also queried as to the need of the terrorists to send a female suicide bomber to kill innocent commuters at the Colombo-Fort Railway Station. Mr. Weerawansa emphasised that the tiger terrorists have become desperate.

LTTE Terror Bomb Kills 4, including 2 School Children, in Colombo (02-JAN-2008)

Four people including two schoolchildren and a mother were killed when LTTE terrorists carried out a cowardly bomb blast targeting civilians and an army bus in Colombo this morning (January 2). One soldier who was traveling in the bus was also killed in the explosion. The terrorists triggered off the claymore bomb right opposite the Infant Jesus Roman Catholic church at Slave Island around 9.30.a.m.

LTTE Bomb in Passenger Bus Kills 15, Injures 38 in Abimanpura, Kebethigollawa, Anuradhapura (05-DEC-2007)

At least 15 bus passengers were killed and 38 wounded Wednesday in a roadside bomb attack in Sri Lanka, police said as the military claimed 36 more people were killed in other violence.

Security forces rushed to the north-central region following the bus attack, a police official in the area said by telephone. He said separatist Tamil Tiger rebels were believed to have carried out the bombing against the civilian bus. (more)

LTTE Terrorist Bomb Blast in Shopping Complex in Nugegoda, Colombo; 18 Killed, 34 Injured (28-NOV-2007)

At least 18 died and 34 were injured when a bomb exploded near the Nolimit clothes store at Nugegoda Bo-tree junction around 5.55pm. Police said the explosion occurred when they were checking a suspicious parcel which had been left with the Nolimit baggage counter. Eyewitness reports said that several buildings adjoining the No-limit store had also been badly damaged. Reports said that the casualty figures could be high since the area is busy and crowded at that time. A fire that had broken out following the explosion had been doused.

Tamil Tiger Suicide Bomber trying to kill Tamil Minister (28-NOV-2007)

In this chilling security camera footage, a female suicide bomber (Tamil Tiger terrorist) on a mission to kill a Sri Lankan Cabinet minister of Social Services and Welfare, Douglas Devananda (a moderate Tamil political leader), is seen patiently answering questions in a bustling government office before calmly standing up and detonating the bomb hidden in her bra.