Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Video: Tamil diaspora accuses LTTE of paralysing peace efforts

Tamil civilians domiciled abroad have accused the LTTE of paralysing the government's efforts to grant rights to their colleagues unleashing brutal attacks. They pointed out that all opportunities to achieve peace had been shattered in the face of the LTTE activities.

The Tamil civilians made these references at a celebration organised in France to mark Sri Lanka's 60th Independence Anniversary. The Sri Lanka Embassy organised the event. Sinhala and Tamil Sri Lankans participated. One of them said such a celebration is an encouragement for Sri Lanka--Tamil Friendship. As Sri Lankans, they should work in cordiality. Another pointed out that it was better if all of them could live in unity. Many opportunities are available to achieve peace. But the LTTE deviated from this process. Terrorists cannot enter the democratic framework. The LTTE has clearly displayed it. Their only desire is to wage war. They said their view is that terrorism should be eliminated and a political solution found for the Tamil diaspora.