Saturday, February 2, 2008

Minister Rohita Bogollagama is a liability to the country

President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday appointed senior Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle as the acting Foreign Minister in the absence of Minister Rohita Bogollagama and his deputy Hussain Bhaila, who are out of the country, sparking fresh speculation that heads might roll.

Foreign Ministry sources said there had been no practice of appointing an acting minister on earlier occasions when the foreign minister was abroad.

Meanwhile a statement issued by the Media Unit of the Highways and Road Development Ministry said Mr. Fernandopulle had taken oaths as the Acting Foreign Minister to fill the ‘vacancy’ since minister Bogollagama had gone abroad.

Speculation was rife in government circles that Mr. Bogollagama was to be replaced and the portfolio would most likely to go to Export Development and External Trade Minister G.L.Peiris.

Foreign Ministry sources also said minister Bogollagama was to return to the country last night cutting short his trip to Pakistan,.

A reliable government source said there was pressure on President Rajapaksa within the government to replace minister Bogollagama. The source also said President Rajapaksa was not happy about the performance of the Foreign Minister.

“The thinking of many in the government is that he is a liability to the government. Once in Geneva attending the peace talks he checked into a super luxury suite with his family members while all other ministers and officials were in lesser charged hotel rooms, a government source said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fernandopulle told the Daily Mirror he was not interested in the foreign ministry portfolio and was happy with the Road Development and Highways ministry.

Minister Fernandopulle approved a number of new diplomatic appointments. Among them were prominent criminal lawyer Mr. Daya Perera who would be the new High Commissioner to Canada, and H.M.G.S.Palihakkara Sri Lanka’s permanent representative to the United Nations.

Foreign Minister Bogollagama, who is on an official visit to Pakistan met President Parveez Musharaff on Thursday, a foreign ministry source said.

By Sandun A Jayasekera, DM

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  1. Lalith
    You are correct standerization is one of the most progressive steps taken by a goverment of SL to empower poor against rich. Actually mostly low caste Tamils living in under developed areas got to see the university because of this program. But high caste rich privilaged Tamils who fight to stop building a Tamil University in Jaffna by Srimawo (but She buid it) just because they thought low caste Tamils get a chance to go to University are totaly against standerization. Actuall who Sinhalese middle class who happend to live in Cities got the greatest loss in Standerization. As always LTTE who sping these things in to their advantage because there are always stupid white liberals who belive those.