Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bombing and Killing of Civilians by Tamil Tigers (LTTE) - evidence from just last 2 months

Tamil Tigers (LTTE) has once again lived up to its title of the world's most dangerous and inhuman terrorist outfit by massacring school children, bus commuters, villagers, and farmers in Sri Lanka. (FBI)

Recent killings of and bomb explosions targeting innocent CIVILIANS in Nugegoda, Monaragala, Dambulla, Welioya and Colombo are clear examples of the racism & cruelty of the LTTE.

Recent massacres of unarmed CIVILIANS in public buses, shopping complexes, and remote villages prove that the LTTE is a racist organization whose objective is terrorism and ethnic cleansing. In striking contrast, nearly a million Tamils live in harmony with the Sinhala Community in western Province alone, making Colombo a city of racial harmony which Sri Lankans are proud of.

It is in this backdrop that certain opportunistic disgruntled elements raise a hue and cry about there explosions hinting that the LTTE terrorists, who kill innocent CIVILIANS, can be excused for countering attacks by the tri forces and indirectly blaming the government and the President and the security forces for waging a heroic war against terrorism.

(04-FEB-2008) LTTE Claymore Bomb in Ethawatunwewa, Welioya; 13 Civilians Killed, 16 Injured.
LTTE terrorists have carried out a cowardly claymore blast targeting a civilian bus at Ethawatunuwewa around 3.50pm on February 4, 2008. According to the defence sources in the area, the terrorists have targeted a state owned public transport bus that was plying from Anudradhapura to Janakapura at a location close to "Kobbakaduwa Junction". (YouTube Video)

(03-FEB-2008) LTTE suicide bomber kills 11 Civilians at Colombo Fort Railway Station.LTTE terrorists carried out cowardly bomb blast targeting innocent civilians at the Fort Railway station in the afternoon of February 3, 2008. (YouTube Video)

Ethnic Tamil student from Colombo school, Rajarathnem Radeeswaran, killed in Colombo Fort Railway Station suicide bomb blast. Rajarathnem's mother crying for her son. (YouTube Video)

(02-FEB-2008) LTTE Bomb Blast at Dambulla public Bus stand; 20 Killed, 70 Injured.

LTTE terrorists exploded a bomb in side a public transportation bus targeting civilians in Dambulla in the morning of February 2, 2008. (YouTube Video)

(16-JAN-2008) LTTE Terrorists kill 27 Civilians in Bus & Slaughter 6 Farmers in Southern Sri Lanka - Monaragala.

LTTE terrorists ambushed a bus carrying about 80 innocent civilians at Helagama on the Buttala- Monaragala road around 7.40a.m. on January 16, 2008. The bus that was carrying large number of schoolchildren, office workers and poor peasants was first attacked with a powerful claymore blast and then fired up on by the terrorists. (YouTube Video)

(02-JAN-2008) LTTE Terror Bomb Kills 4, including 2 School Children, in Colombo.

Four people including two schoolchildren and a mother were killed when LTTE terrorists carried out a cowardly bomb blast targeting civilians and an army bus in Slave Island, Colombo on January 2, 2008. (YouTube Video)

(05-DEC-2007) LTTE Bomb in Passenger Bus Kills 15, Injures 38 in Abimanpura, Kebethigollawa.

At least 15 bus passengers were killed and 38 wounded in a roadside bomb attack in Abimanpura, Sri Lanka on December 5, 2007. (YouTube Video)

(28-NOV-2007) LTTE Terrorist Bomb Blast in Shopping Complex in Nugegoda, Colombo; 18 Killed, 34 Injured.

At least 18 died and 34 were injured when a bomb exploded near the Nolimit clothing store at Nugegoda Bo-tree junction around 5.55pm on November 28, 2007. Police said the explosion occurred when they were checking a suspicious parcel which had been left with the Nolimit baggage counter. (YouTube Video)