Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EXPOSED: What Bruce Fein proposed to lobby AGAINST Tamil Tigers in 2006 - For money

Failing to get Government of Sri Lanka or any other anti-LTTE groups to fund him, Bruce Fein now lobbies on behalf of Tamil Tigers, a group which he himself called "terrorists", after being hired by "Tamils for Justice" - yet another front organization of Tamil Tigers.
Please read "
Bruce Fein: Staunch opponent of Tigers in 2004, zealous defender in 2008"

The Lichfield Group, Inc.
910 Seventeenth Street, N.W. Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20006
Telephone: 202-775-1776 • Facsimile: 202-478-1664


The Friends of Sri Lanka hereby agrees to retain The Lichfield Group (TLG) to persuade the United States to support a unified Sri Lankan nation against the independence ambitions of the terrorist Tamil Tigers; to support prosecution of Tamil terrorist leader Velulpillai Prabhakaran before an appropriate tribunal for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and companion abominations; to provide counterterrorist training and equipment for Sri Lankan security forces; and, to strictly prosecute terrorism or terrorism-linked crimes perpetrated by Tamil Tiger members or sympathizers within the jurisdiction of the United States.

TLG will be paid $25,000 per month plus out-of-pocket expenses beginning on October 1, 2006. Monthly payments shall be made on the first day of each month of the agreement. The Agreement is for 12 months and will be automatically extended for an additional 12 months unless both parties agree in writing to the contrary.

As elaborated below, TLG will educate and lobby the Executive Branch, Congress, the media and think tanksin the United States.

The major public advocacy themes will include:

  • During the British colonial era, Tamils were preferred to the Sinhalese under a nefarious "divide and conquer strategy".
  • Sri Lankan Tamils under the Constitution receive fair and non-discriminatory treatment consistent with international human rights standards.
  • The Government has undertaken commendable initiatives to redress post-independence wrongs to Tamils.
  • The Government of Sri Lanka is eager to embrace federalism arrangements that honor minority aspirations consistent with international standards.
  • The Government of Sri Lanka is democratic and embraces the rule of law and international human rights covenants.
  • The Tamil Tigers are guilty of harrowing human rights violations, including terrorist assassinations, routine targeting of civilians and civilian institutions, and the kidnappings and employment of child soldiers. They are an inspiration and model for other terrorists organizations.
  • The Tamil Tigers are a terrorist organization under United States law. They assassinate Tamils who opt for a peaceful political solution.
  • The Tamil Tigers will never accept anything less than independence. To capitulate to their ultimatum would reward terrorism and encourage emulation by other ethnic groups demanding independence in other nations, such as ETA in Spain or Abu Sayeef in the Philippines.
  • The United States' national security interests would be advanced by the crushing of the Tamil Tigers and the emergence in Sri Lanka of a thriving federalism which fairly accommodates the aspirations of different ethnic or religious groups.
  • Sri Lanka is strategically important to international shipping channels and naval power in the vicinity.


The Lichfield Group will prepare briefing papers and arrange meetings with key policy makers at the White House, National Security Council, State Department, Defense Department, and the United Nations to highlight terrorism and human rights abuses of the Tamil Tigers and Sri Lanka’s admirable democratic and non-discriminatory constitutional dispensation and federalism flexibility.


The following Congressional Committees oversee Sri Lankan-American relations. At present, no Committee has scheduled hearings on Tamil Tiger terrorism.

Counterterrorism resonates with the vast majority in Congress. But most Members need schooling in the chilling villainies and crimes of the Tamil Tigers and Prabhakaran and their contribution to international terrorism. Sri Lanka is generally an unknown country to Americans, and only a microscopic percentage is aware of Prabhakaran’s endless crimes.

The Lichfield Group will target key leaders those who support Sri Lanka’s democracy and deplore the Tamils’ terrorism to spearhead a congressional advocacy campaign. TLG will prepare an authoritative handbook on Sri Lanka, the Tamil Tigers, and Sri Lankan-American relations for distribution to Congress as well as talking points for dissemination to Members. TLG will also work with the Congressional Research Service to highlight the abuses of the Tigers; prepare Dear Colleague letters for Members of Congress; arrange presentations before Senate and House Party Policy Caucuses to induce their members to censure the Tigers and applaud the Government of Sri Lanka; and, prepare sympathetic and compelling testimony and witnesses to contribute to Committee hearings. The Lichfield Group has regularly testified before congressional committees at the behest of both Republicans and Democrats, and enjoys credibility with both parties.


Public advocacy efforts will include a focused media blitz. The Lichfield Group will orchestrate favorable news coverage through meetings with journalists and editorial boards at major newspapers such as the New York Times, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, Reuters, and the Associated Press. Media operations will target the congressional audience through articles and op-eds in The Hill, Roll Call, and The Weekly Standard. The Group will prepare position papers advocating a strengthening of United States support for the Sri Lankan government in opposing the Tigers policy for influential policy publications such as Foreign Affairs, The National Interest, and Foreign Policy. The Lichfield Group closely monitor major newspapers for relevant articles and will instantly prepare letters to the editor in response to unfavorable coverage. The media campaign will include radio interviews on NPR and other national talk radio stations and television appearances on CNN, CSPAN, Fox, MSNBC, and CNBC to highlight Tamil Tiger terrorism and the Government’s generous offers to strike a peace accord consistent with justice and Sri Lankan unity.


The Lichfield Group will arrange seminars focusing on U.S.-Sri Lankan relations at Washington-based think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Brookings Institution, the CATO Institute, the Woodrow Wilson Center, and the Asia Society.


  • A two page briefing paper.
  • Briefing handbook.
  • Press kit both for the United States and tailored to individual countries abroad.
  • Website that promotes message themes.
  • Education meetings on Capitol Hill with key leadership.
  • Op-eds and letters to the editor for both national and local newspapers.
  • Dear Colleague letters for Congressman.
  • Congressional Research Service report. The Lichfield Group will orchestrate a request by a Member of Congress and will contribute to its tone and completion.
  • Witness testimony for congressional hearings.
  • Think tank seminars.
  • University symposiums.


Bruce Fein
The Lichfield Group



TODAY: Bruce Fein says exactly the opposite in Washington Times: Tamil statehood?

FEW YEARS AGO: Do not forget what Bruce Fein wrote in the same Washington Times paper on February 3, 2004 defending unequivocally the then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright for designating 30 organizations, including the Tamil Tigers, as “foreign terrorist organizations” under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996.


  1. Excellent research. If only the SL govt information was half as diligent as this blog! Well done & thanks. MS.

  2. lies , lies & more lies
    How abut mass arrests, explusion of tamils from colombo few months ago, numerous mass graves of tamils.

    Bruce Fein project is not to go after "anonymous blogs creaters", as the project states. Bring SriLankan state terrorism sponsored leaders to international court, and recognitio of Tamil eelam.

  3. Any Tamil or Tamil Organisation is a front for LTTE? - Same old propaganda.
    Tamils are a soclial people and they think and act on their own for their people.
    There action run parralled to the LTTEs because all thinka and act for the best of Tamil people.

    This so called contract could be produced by any tom, dick & harry.
    No signature nothing.
    Even if so, it is a contract that shows Friends of Sri Lanka is to pay to Feinstein $25,000.

    nothing says the Tamils for Justice is paying that much.
    Even if it is then what?