Thursday, January 24, 2008

Video: Sri Lanka Troops enter Uiyilankulam, Mannar

Security Forces have succeeded in entering Uiyilankulam in Mannar where LTTE camps are sited. The troops had overrun the LTTE post at Uiylankulam after heavy fighting.

ITN representative Anura Dorakumbura reporting from within the Uiylankulam check point said the area was under the control of the LTTE a few days ago. The troops took control of it after heavy fighting. The LTTE Forward Defence Line is located a few metres off this site. The Security Forces will soon destroy the location continuing their advance.

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  1. Hope the rest of the people in the south get to see this rather than the mind-numbingly aweful TV programmes aired through countless TV channels in Sri Lanka.
    This is the reality. Every one apart from the traitors and LTTEs should feel the utmost gratitude towards these soldiers for what they are doing