Saturday, January 26, 2008

SPUR Media Release: Ethnic cleansing of the Sinhalese by Tamil Tigers must be stopped

Why are the International Community and the NGOs Mute?

The Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights (SPUR) unreservedly condemn the brutal acts carried out by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists against Sinhalese civilians and hold the LTTE accountable for their ethnic cleansing acts as they are considered crimes against humanity. Prabakaran and his lieutenants including Pottuamman will be pursued relentlessly by Sri Lankans and together with other civic minded citizens of the world will not rest until this megalomaniac is prosecuted by the world court in The Hague.

Especially significant is the LTTE’s brutal attack on the civilian bus carrying school children at Okkampitiya in the Buttala area on 16 January 2007. Eye witnesses have reported that the LTTE terrorists in a planned ethnic cleansing action, shot the innocent civilians who escaped the Claymore blast. There were also five chena farmers found shot dead by the retreating LTTE. It is heart breaking to watch the pictures depicting wailing school children observing the dead bodies of their friends, teachers and kith and kin laid to rest at the local school. Last reports say that over 30 people died and close to 70 were injured when the bus carrying early morning passengers’ including children was plying between Okkampitiya and Buththala.

The coroner at the Buttala hospital has stated that most of the dead had been shot and that the LTE had not spared infants as small as 6 months in their quest for Sinhala civilian blood. It has also been reported on the 18 January that villages found 9 civilians executed by the LTTE in the Thanamalwila area.

On 25 January 2008, police have found the bodies of 16 youth dumped in a swamp at Kiriketuwewa on the Horoupathana road, six Kilometres from the Kebithigollawa town. The 16 dead Sinhala youth brutalised and mutilated by the LTTE are believed to be a group of Sinhalese peasants who had gone searching for their grazing cattle. The victims had been shot to death and their bodies hacked to pieces. The visiting police examining the forensic evidence had stated that some of the youth had been alive after being shot at the time of being hacked to death.

With these killings, the total number of Sinhalese men, women, and children executed by the LTTE since 01 January 2008 exceed 50. None of these civilians were killed accidentally by the LTTE whilst launching attacks on the armed forces. These assassinations were planned and conserted attacks by the LTTE on Sinhalese civilians as they were first Claymore mined, then shot and finally in some cases, hacked to death.

This is nothing but blatant ethnic cleansing. SPUR wants to put on record that anti-terrorist forces will

  1. Never let Prabakaran, his key lieutenants such as Nadesen (Peace Secretariat), Pottuamman (Intelligence Head) and the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity go unpunished as long as they live. Rights watchers will be pursuing this matter to its just end taking the LTTE leader and his lieutenants to the World Court in The Hague, some day in the future if they survive the current military offensive.

  2. Expose numerous NGO’s who continue to shed crocodile tears over emphasising collateral damage when fighting terrorists. These terrorist friendly orgnizations often collude to do the biding of the LTTE by fabricating outlandish human rights violation accusations against the armed forces and the Government believing that if they throw enough mud, some will stick. SPUR is not surprised by these foreign funded Human Right champions’ deadly silence when it comes to either the mass murder of Sinhalese civilians or the Government’s action to rescue Tamil civilians forcibly kept in bondage by the LTTE.

  3. Challenge international agencies such as the UN Human Rights Council when it makes unsubstantiated, negatively skewed, inaccurate statements about the democratically elected Government of Sri Lanka whilst peddling softly around the terror perpetrated by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists. SPUR is especially disappointed with the international community as often they are reluctant to name the LTTE as the instigators of terror or hold them accountable for their ethnic cleansing type acts catalogued herein.

    Why are the so called righteous international community, the peace facilitator Norway, United Nation entities and individuals such as Ms Louise Arbour, the Commissioner for Human Rights deaf and blind to the ethnic cleansing acts carried out by the LTTE as evidenced above?

    The practise of making innocuous statements requesting the LTTE to refrain from indulging in terror must be revisited The onus is on the so called leading western democracies who allow flow of funds to the LTTE to directly confront the LTTE and warn its leadership, the fellow terrorists and their fronts of the real possibility of being prosecuted for Crimes against Humanity and genocide at The Hague.
The citizens of Sri Lanka and its Diaspora who abhor terror have been watching and waiting patiently for justice, whilst facing unprecedented provocations from the increasingly desperate LTTE. It is time that the international community and the foreign funded NGO’s support unreservedly the democratic forces abandoning the clawless, toothless and very soon the lifeless Tiger in Kilinochchi.

Dr. Dasarath Jayasuriya
President, SPUR Australia