Wednesday, January 9, 2008

SPUR Condemns LTTE’s Assassination of Minister D.M. Dassanayake

MEDIA RELEASE, 9 January 2008

SPUR unreservedly condemn Tamil Tiger Terrorists cold blooded assassination of Hon D.M. Dassanayake, the Government of Sri Lanka’s Minister of Nation Building. We offer our sincere condolences to the Minister’s family as well as to the family of all other deceased personnel from this dastardly act. SPUR also extends well wishes to all those recovering from injuries sustained from the bomb.

All evidence associated with the Claymore roadside bomb set off at Ja-Ela points towards the LTTE. These terrorists are systematically undermining Sri Lanka’ democratic way of life by brutally assassinating members of the parliament. The blood thirsty Prabakaran’s New Year resolution must be to maximise the demise of parliamentarians. The year started with a LTTE pistol gang member shooting dead Hon. T. Maheswaran whilst he was praying at a Hindu Kovil in Kotahena. It is rumoured that Mr Maheswaran did not heed LTTE’s instructions to stop leasing his fleet of ships to the Government of Sri Lanka to transport essential goods to the people living in the Jaffna Peninsula. He was also rumoured to have short changed the illegal taxes collected by the LTTE for transporting goods to Jaffna. However, Hon. Maheswaran paid a hefty price for his recalcitrance.

Hon D.M. Dassanayake, the Member of Parliament for the Puttalam District was responsible as the Minister of Nation Building for taking a leadership role in providing the infrastructure for the recently liberated areas of the North and East. He had an excellent rapport with all the communities living in the East and was venerated by grateful Tamil and Muslim people who lived under the jackboot terror of the LTTE for over a decade in squalor conditions. The Minister was instrumental in planning and executing actions to provide essential infrastructure such as roads, hospitals and schools for the long suffering- recently liberated people of the East.

The LTTE would have plotted to assassinate Minister Dassanayake to retard the progress made by President Rajapaksa’s government in providing relief to the people of Eastern Sri Lanka. The international community must unreservedly condemn this beastly act and read the riot act to the LTTE without mollycoddling it. Recent statements issued by a number of countries such as the Nordic countries, Australia, France and the EU were critical of the Sri Lankan Government’s decision to withdraw from the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA). This would have emboldened the Tamil Tiger Terrorists. Other tacit NGO type supporters of the LTTE such as the National Peace Council would be perversely pleased with the outcomes of LTTE’s cowardly act as it favours the indefinite continuation of the fatally flawed CFA as it provides a fig-leaf of cover for the brutality perpetrated by the LTTE. Shame on them for being pretend democrats and persons valuing human rights.

We urge President Rajapaksa and the International community not to bow down to terrorism. Appeasing Prabakaran’s insatiable thirst for blood has no happy ending. Hence it’s the duty of all democracies to support Sri Lanka’s Government in every way it can including providing militarily aid to annihilate Prabakaran, permanently defeat terrorism and usher in sustainable peace to Sri Lanka whilst protecting its unitary state and keeping its territorial integrity intact.