Thursday, January 31, 2008

Desperate LTTE cause civilian carnage to grab international sympathy

Media Release: Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka (SPUR), NSW, Australia

Terrorist LTTE have been targeting civilians using landmines and claymore bombs, whether there was a ceasefire agreement or not. They have blasted almost anything carrying civilians that moves on the roads of Sri Lanka during the past 25 years.

The carnage caused by the LTTE on 29 Jan by exploding a passenger bus close to Madu Church has taken away many young and innocent lives, and caused the maiming of many others. Since the official end of the ceasefire agreement the LTTE has been doing their utmost to get the attention of the 'international community' and world human rights bodies by the targetted killing of civilians. In early January 08, armed LTTE assassins terrorised the south eastern jungles and villages of Sri Lanka for several weeks, exploding and killing almost everyone they would come across. They left a trail of blood in a period of two weeks across several villages, and causing the deaths of 42 civilians and injuring hundreds more. SPUR, NSW unequivocally condemns all attacks on innocent civilians and expresses its deep sympathy for the dead, injured and their families in distress.

The LTTE terrorists claim that they are the saviours of the Tamil speaking people, however they have a scant respect for ethnicity in their thirst for blood. The cold blooded killings of thousands of Tamil public servants, statesmen, politicians and intellectuals gave birth to this campaign of annihilation in mid 1970s. Thereafter it was the internecine struggle between the Tamil terrorists groups the wiping out of the TELO, EROS, EPRLF, ENDLF, PLOTE, EPDP and many more. Since April 2004, saw the internecine destruction of the LTTE renegade Karuna group in the eastern province. The shooting of 103 of Muslims at two mosques in prayer in Kattankudi in the Eastern Province did little to help the LTTE's thirst for blood of the Tamil speaking people, themselves.

Elements of the international community are now on the ready to impose the UN concept of 'right to protect' R2P through its NGO agencies on Sri Lanka. The LTTE is on the way to and fulfil and establish this particular need, by killing civilians in Sri Lanka whether they by Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims. To the LTTE it would not matter which ethnic groups is targetted as long at it is translated to numbers in human lives. Such brutality triggers the desired effect of shock and horror in the 'international community, and the consequent condemnation and the belittling of the Sri Lanka Government of its failure in its 'responsibility to protect', R2P of its own people.

The bus bomb near Madu Church, and the bus bomb close to Kilinochichi earlier in January 08 both targeting school children. Such actions points to the urgency and desperation with which the civilian killing spree of the LTTE has commenced. Crowded school buses provide the numbers. They also provide the aggravated shock, sympathy and condemnation of the 'international community', the terrorists are eager to arouse.

What foreign nations and international agencies would wisely do is to provide the support and assistance to Sri Lanka to overcome the menace of brutal terrorism, especially by preventing the funding of terrorism from overseas, and by providing intelligence and tactical support. Sri Lanka at this crucial juncture needs the assistance of friendly nations to find a negotiated and democratic solution to the conflict in Sri Lanka.

Nimal Liyanage
President SPUR, NSW

Seventeen civilians, including 11 school children, were killed on Tuesday in an accidental explosion of LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist's claymore bomb on a school bus in Mannar district. This territory is held by the LTTE - Click HERE for more info.