Friday, January 4, 2008

Letter: Abrogation of CFA by Sri Lanka and public funds in Norway

Dear Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Member of the Parliament, Mr Hoglund

Dear Sirs:

Sri Lanka has abrogated the CFA agreement and Norway has lost everything it planned for Sri Lanka and South Asia.

The time has come for the Norwegian people to know what was Eric Solhiem and his clan at the Ministry was involved in the guise of ushering peace in Sri Lanka and why the process failed .

Some vital areas to be investigated to open the subject in Norway Parliament and to tax paying public of Norway are:

1. Why and How the Norway failed miserably in this effort?

2. Was Norway's team headed by Eric Solheim honest in their attempts in functioning as a facilitator?

3. What was the total expenditure of Norway in this peace building exercise since signing the CFA?

4. What was the total amount expended on Eric Solheim and others on travel and personal expenditure?

5. What was total amount donated/paid to Sri Lanka and the LTTE since signing the CFA for peace building exercise?

6. What was to total amount disbursed to NGOs in Sri Lanka and Tamil organizations in Norway for strengthening and publicity re peace process since signing the CFA?

7. What are the gains and losses as regards Norway's international image of involving in SL peace process?

8. Will the Norwegian Government investigate it's team's failure and issue a statement to the Norwegian tax paying public ?

9. Will the Norwegian Government compensate Sri Lankan people and the families who were directly affected due to assistance, equipment and facilities provided to the LTTE terrorists by Norway? If not ,why?

10. Will the Norwegian Government list the LTTE as a terrorist organization and ban funding of terrorism from Norway and stop financing the LTTE fronts in Norway and their anti-Sri Lanka publicity programs? If not,why?

We trust that Norway will examine its role in Sri Lanka and take honorable decisions in the name of justice, fair play and commonsense.

We await to hear your views and see your action plan.

Thanking you,

Ranjith Soysa
Spokesperson- World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka
po box 4066-Melbourne-Vic 3170

p.s. Kindly read the article sent herewith which indicates the current unenviable situation of the LTTE.

First time in twenty five years the Tamil Tigers are on the run says Indian newspaper editorial -