Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sri Lankan conflict - opinion as a response

Grateful thanks to S.C. Wirasinghe's article titled "Sri Lanka – A comprehensive view of the current situation." This is a rare and worthy description of the conflict in Heladiva (SL) closer to the truth as it is.

"Tamil Nadu politicians cannot survive unless they speak openly about Sri Lankan issues..."

Not they cannot survive but their pro-Tamil stance is 100% dedication in aiming for the eventual independent Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country). Tamilism is so strong the prime qualification has to be a full-blooded Tamil in Tamil Nadu for an important official appointment. We need to understand the justification of their agenda. Tamils are a great population of the world with 70 million Tamils of Tamil Nadu and over 30 million Tamils settled in host national countries like Heladiva (SL), Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, UK etc. But the Tamil nation of Tamil Nadu within the Indian subcontinent are not strong enough to free it from the Indian governance. Toward this ultimate goal our tiny Hela Island was found to be the convenient first step along with the focus of Tamil expansionism wherever possible. Our island became the prime target due to most of the past rulers being pro-Tamil who were installed by the parting then British cunning land robbers. These pseudo Sinhela rulers fobbed the nation as our leaders who are still attempting to support the insidious Tamil invasive terror trying to form a second Tamil Nadu out of our tiny indigenous island country, with its only 17 million Hela Nation. It is time to expose to the world that Tamil national struggle is justifiable and it can ONLY be waged in Tamil Nadu and not in a host national country like Heladiva. This will get the Tamil national struggle off our backs and stop their heinous attempt to get it at the cost of our extinction and our land being invaded. FOR THE TAMIL NATIONAL LIBERATION THE RESPONSIBILITY LIES SOLELY WITH THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT. One more factor which the Tamil entity is exploiting is the clause mindlessly entered within the UN constitution that minorities can have self determination if so wished. UN should be challenged on this clause as chaotic if every non indigenous minority in host national countries start to demand carving out additional countries for themselves, in addition to their lands of national origins left behind for pastures anew. Enter the zone of “invasion by migration”!!

“The Sinhalese were misguided in trying to introduce Sinhala as the official language of Sri Lanka”.

There was no misguidance in except that the official Hela (Sinhela) language policy was not carried through but halted due to Tamil pressure. This come down is due to the fact that after independence we never had our National Leaders but a bunch of racist pro-Tamil leaders garbed in Sinhela names due to intermarriage. Language is the backbone of a single Nationhood, more than one language will pave the way for multi-nationalism, an upside down political concept encouraged to breakaway, only allowed in our island country.

“A Tamil homeland?”

Homeland can mean where one is born or where one set up home. This rhetoric of the non indigenous Tamils in Heladiva simply means a Tamil sovereign national country. Fully justifiable for the sovereign National Tamil country, for which no lengthy debate is required when we have the most fundamental tangible self-evident fact of the glaring existence of Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country), though hidden within the Indian subcontinent. Because inviolable national sovereignty is an entitlement to ONLY the indigenous nation of a particular land and not for being born or set up home there irrespective of how many or how long they lived there. The only community in Heladiva who have a right to have a separate homeland if so wish are our indigenous Vedi generation. But they will not ask for it as they are our ancient Hela people and never will be a threat to us.

“Basic human rights……”

There is a gross error in human rights even within the international echelons, mixing up human rights with national rights. Human rights and civil rights are the rights entitled to non indigenous minorities in host indigenous national countries. Their national rights are intact in the lands of their national origins they left behind. Such rights like language, culture and religion of non indigenous minorities in host countries will prevail only within their private domain unofficially, without a threat in any form to the national sovereignty of the host nation. When these clear justifiable parameters are properly understood and learn to uphold our National Hela Sovereignty steadfastly, barking will surely stop and the world will stand with us as it can become their problem too.

by Anura Seneviratna