Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Significant number of urban Tamils back Rajapksa's policy: Poll

Colombo (PTI): Contrary to popular beliefs, a significant segment of Tamilians living in urban Sri Lanka has endorsed President Mahinda Rajapaksa's policy to deal with LTTE and maintain law and order, according to an opinion poll.

Twenty-one per cent of the non-upcountry Tamils and 42 per cent of the Muslim community, the main minority ethnic groups, are satisfied with the law and order situation in the island country, the opinion poll by the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA), an autonomous body, reveals.

Around 49.8 per cent Muslims and 20 per cent non-upcountry Tamils are also pleased with the way the government is fighting the battle against terror, it says.

The survey shows that the overwhelming majority of the Sri Lankan people are satisfied with the way the President is conducting the war.

It says that 87.3 per cent of the country's main ethnic group (Sinhalese) surveyed support the government's war on terror while 84.4 per cent approve its rule of law.

"This proves that the great majority of the Sri Lankan population is behind the government in its campaign against terror," an official statement said.

The results of the November 2007 survey, in general, reflect the opinion of Sri Lankans who live in eight provinces (excluding the North, East included) on issues such as war, peace, security, the economy, human rights, media freedom, corruption, balances of military power among other areas.

The Hindu