Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Security Forces conduct medical clinic for civilians in Jaffna

The Commander of the Security Forces, Jaffna , Major General G.A.Chandrasiri organized and conducted a medical clinic consisting of an Army Medical Corps team for civilians in the 511 Brigade area on Sunday (23) December 2007.These civilians were residents from the villages of Neerveli, Karandan and Kopay, in Jaffna.

The Medical clinic held in the Neerveli Athiyar Hindu Vidyalaya was well attended with over 300 patients seeking medical attention. Army doctors and staff not only attended on the patients but also provided the required drugs and other medical requirements .Most of the patients were 'displaced' persons with low income levels. These economic as well as the living conditions were often reflected in not only adults but also their children being easily susceptible to common ailments due to malnutrition . These ailments were in the form of colds, cough, 'flu, bowel diseases, dental disorders and afflictions etc as a result of their being deprived of the accepted nourishment levels . They also needed immunization and vaccinations against typhoid and other diseases due to poor sanitary and living conditions. Thereafter, everyone who attended the clinic were provided with lunch while 300 food parcels were also distributed among them .

All those who attended the clinic voiced their appreciation for the medical facilities provided by the Army and the arrangements made by the Commander of the Security Forces to make the medical clinic a great success.